Do you want to sell an old iPhone in New York City? If so, you should consider bringing it to us. Why would you sell an iPhone rather than continue using it? Here are a few reasons:

  • The smartphone that you own is broken or has extensive damage, so it is too difficult to use.

  • You recently bought a new cell phone and no longer need the old one.

  • You need extra cash but you don’t need your iPhone.

These are just some of the reasons that customers have for having us buy their old iPhones. If the phone has a problem like a cracked screen or even a broken selfie camera, please keep in mind that we are able to fix it for you for an affordable price. However, you might just be past the point of wanting the phone anymore at all. In cases like this, it is a great idea to sell to us. We pay top dollar for used smartphones, making sure that you are happy you decided to come to us. This certainly beats having the smartphone sit in your house unused. Often times, we get customers coming into our New York City shop who forgot they had an older iPhone model just sitting in a drawer. Not only are we able to give you cash for an old or even a broken iPhone, but we are able to repurpose the parts. This allows other users to continue using their device if, for instance, they have a broken button and need a replacement – we are able to take the button right off of your old phone. So, you are doing more than just making extra cash when you sell old cell phones to us – you are also doing the environment a favor by helping to recycle and allowing other users to continue using their devices, without having to throw them away.When you are ready to make cash for a used iPhone in New York City, be sure to visit us! We will pay you the highest amount of money possible. Call us today to see if we are interested in purchasing your iPhone.(347) 640-5604

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