If you are here because you need to have an iPhone battery fixed, you’re in luck. This is a service that we offer for a great price. We are able to fix or replace iPhone batteries in NYC the same day that you visit us with your device. Same day service certainly makes us a desirable local business. Many companies simply are unable to do what we do.

Is my iPhone battery broken?

Sometimes, the problem might immediately seem to be the battery, but it is not. The solution could be simply swapping out your charger with a new one. If you have tested every possible problem and concluded that you do in fact need battery replacement, NYC experts who work for us can help you. We’ll provide the quick fix you need for iPhone battery replacement.Your battery likely needs to be replaced if your phone will not charge at all, even if you try different chargers. If the iPhone only shows power when it is plugged in, this is another indication that you need a new battery. When your iPhone dies quickly even though you charge it fully, you have a battery that is draining too fast. Other signs to look for to know you need battery replacement include a battery that is swelling or bulging, or a battery that gets very hot.If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned problems, call us to make an appointment for iPhone battery replacement in New York City. We will provide you with a free upfront price quote. Just let us know which model you have and what is going on. We are here for you!

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