Fix iPhone Screen NYC is happy to offer customers the services they need, when they need them. Same day parts replacement sets us apart from other third party repair shops and companies. Other places will make you wait for days while parts are ordered. When it comes to problems such as broken or cracked screens, you can expect assistance right away. Whether the issue involves a broken front display, damaged digitizer, LCD that needs replacement or something else, we can provide the fix or replacement that you need, for a cheap price.

  • The screen has become all black or all white.

  • When you touch the screen, nothing happens. It is not responsive to touch.

  • There is shattered glass or a web of glass on the screen.

  • The screen responds to your touch but it is very slow.

  • Apps open randomly for no reason.

Don’t risk damaging the casing by attempting a do it yourself repair if you have a cracked or broken iPhone screen. It is more affordable and wiser to use our third party repair center here in NY. If you turn to a company like Apple, you can expect to potentially be without your smartphone for days, and you can expect to spend a lot more money than you need to. You can also count on having to pay the deductible for your phone insurance, if you have any. With us, you always get the most competitive price for the job.We are experts when it comes to fixing broken screen glass, digitizer problems, or any other front display problems. We have the parts in stock to install the replacement parts that you need, without making you wait. As a matter of fact, something that locals in NYC constantly talk about is the fact that we provide same day cracked screen repair for iPhones.Have questions? Call our team of experts now. We will get you set up with an appointment for iPhone cracked screen repair today!