If you are looking for a third party repair shop that is able to fix iPhone parts in New York City, look no further. Port replacement is just a phone call away. Headphone jack repair, charger port repair, USB port replacement, lightning port repair and charging dock fixes are all services that we are very happy to provide to our valued customers. Sometimes, you will experience problems due to something very simple, such as dirt or dust build up in the headphone jack. When this happens, you might have problems with sound. The fix could be as simple as blowing air into the headphone jack or taking a toothpick and removing dust. Other times, the issue is a bit more serious and requires part replacement.

Does your audio cut in and out on your iPhone? Does your loud speaker refuse to work? It could be that the iPhone is reading that your headphones are plugged in, when it actuality, they are not plugged in. This is something you will need our help with. If you are unable to charge your iPhone, this is a problem, too. If you have an iPhone that needs a service like charging dock repair, you will need an expert who knows how to provide the fix. We know how to remove lightning dock connect assemblies, pry up cables safely and a whole lot more. There are numerous steps involved when it comes to fixing iPhone ports, but our NYC experts will do things correctly.

From the iPhone 5c and 5s to the iPhone SE and 6s, we fix all models. Let us know if you need assistance. We will provide the repair or replacement that you need for a great price here in New York City.

iphone port repacement